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User Guide

Legal Media Metrics benchmarks the media performance of Asia's leading law firms and lawyers. Only firms and lawyers that ranked in numerical bands/tiers are considered.

Ranking table by jurisdiction

  • Ranking position: Firm’s overall position in a specific jurisdiction
  • Total Rankings: Number of rankings pooled in total
  • Practice Area: Number of practice areas in which the firm has been recommended
  • Overall Average Tier: Tier in which the firm appears on average across all sources
  • Change: Highlights the change in position year-on-year

Search function:

Free text name search for firms and lawyers

Browse by firm

Filter by:

  • Jurisdiction
  • Firm type: International/Domestic/Offshore
  • Practice area: All practice areas/Main practice and sub-practice area

The filter function allows you to conduct a like-for-like comparison between firms.

Browse by lawyer

Filter by:

  • Jurisdiction
  • Practice area: All practice areas/Main practice and sub-practice areas

Key statistics

Offering a snapshot of a firm or lawyer's stats.

Ranking tables

A ranking table is split into practice area headings. Depending on market consensus, each practice area can be divided into sub- practice areas. The term "general" is used where a firm or a lawyer's overall practice is ranked. 


The Awards table shows the number of recognitions by nomination/win ratio in a specific year. Currently, only practice area and jurisdictional awards are covered.